What it sees | Where it sleeps

by Ghostly Heart

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released April 23, 2011

All songs written by Ghostly Heart: Matt Allen | Eric Andraska | Rob Young. Engineered & Produced by Perry Blanchard.



all rights reserved


Ghostly Heart Madison, Wisconsin

Ghostly Heart presents hauntingly psychedelic garage rock driven by a post-rock pulse. Freshly forged from the still-glowing embers of The Selfish Gene in Madison, WI, the three-piece band pumps tautly synchronous guitar-rock through reverb-rich veins of catchy melody. Harmonic vocals hover above and between the bars of songs written to linger in the heads of listeners long after the last beat. ... more

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Track Name: Follow Me Gone
take from me this golden arrow
and relieve the fallen sparrow's wing
when will we fly again?
i miss the city breeze
you got the best of me
the laughter and the soul

take a turn you know they'll follow
down the road all grey & hollow

gravity... every day gets heavier
the ground's up to our knees
pretend there are wings attached
to every broken thing
to lift us above the weeds
a shadow to the stone

take the path no one will follow
down the road all bent with sorrow

all these faces... no reaction
empty cages... all abandoned
stuck within a Kubrick picture
there is only one way out
the flame is nearly gone
but the fire it's our own
to tend alone

take the road no one will follow
to a place no one will bother
Track Name: Song for Summer
your face so bright
it glows in the night
your favorite fit
under a curled upper lip
your fingertip
is starting to drip
with the blood of a summer almost gone

you're handing me
a list of apologies
the page is clean
what's that supposed to mean?
your favorite flower
is wilting in a jar
in the sun of a summer almost gone

start storing light for the winter
gather your fire for the winter
locked in so tight
fallen prisoner
to the winter

you're asking me
where am i supposed to be?
i'm telling you
that's what i've been asking
we're both confused
i'll just follow you
on the run in a summer almost gone
Track Name: Yellow Hearts
all through the night
the air was on fire
and the breeze couldn't fight
the breath of the pyre

oh my god... it is everything
all our dreams... they mean nothing now
oh my god... what is happening?

when they laughed
they all painted yellow hearts
the kingdom collapsed
when they all painted yellow hearts

mid through the morning
the sun was still under
and the pale city lights
flickered all through that slumber

oh my love... it means everything
all our fears... they are coming true
oh my love... what is happening?

when they danced
they all painted yellow hearts
the kingdom was crashed
when they all painted yellow hearts

when they dance
they sing: "what a joyous day!"
but when they sing, they lie
it's a lonely day...

oh my god... this is everything
all our fears... they mean nothing now
oh my god... it is happening

when they left
they all painted yellow hearts
the kingdom was cracked
when they all painted yellow hearts

we all were relaxed
as the fogs rolled back
and they all went down
with yellow hearts
Track Name: Innerstate
floating... head full of wine
feeling... frozen in time

on the shoe the other foot
to make it's way to nowhere soon
it's all a lot of nothing in the net

you can make it all quicksand on the floor
you can sink us all with quicksand in your soul

it feels like... i've been caught in a crime
for so long... we reached for the high

now you speak only when spoken to
the ear becomes the tongue in lieu
of holding on to your breath to no end

you can make it all quicksand on the floor
you can sink us all with quicksand in your soul

where will we go when the ground is hot
where will run when the knife is drawn
where will run when our legs are gone
where will we fly when our wings our cut

we'll just float on down
in a state of awe
inner state of awe
Track Name: I know I know I know I know
I know... what it is
I know... where it lives

mind bends to fold
into the light we go

i know... when to quit
i know... when it's it

push turns to pull
into a tug of souls
cast in the glow
a prism of chemicals

i'm feeling like i'm feeling old
i'm peeling back the skin i've grown

i know... what it sees
i know... where it sleeps
i know... when it feeds
i know... how it bleeds

i'm spinning out
i'm spinning 'round
there's no concealing it
i'm feeling floored
Track Name: Chopping Cherry Trees
she lives in a cherry tree
right outside her house
the place she calls her home
she never knows the words
to any of his songs
but she always sings along

he follows her where she goes
in the supermarket aisle
they'd exchange a smile
but she never knows his name
despite seeing him twice a day
it keeps him insecure

you can't undo
what you did to break this
and what it takes to make it new

you can't trace it... it's always changing
all your faces... keep re-arranging
you can't fake it... it's all your making
there's no stasis... not worth escaping

around we go... with heads on a cable

she moved back inside her house
now that her cherry tree is gone
collapsed out in the yard
and she never could explain
why she never saw him again
didn't know that she axed him dead